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We are an HR Tech that connects companies around the world with talented people. We believe in a data-driven and transparent process to raise the bar for hiring and transform the global job market.

<About Hub42/>

Hub is connection, 42 the answer to everything. Hub42 is the perfect combination to improve the way recruitment is done around the world. #VemPraHub42

We exist to find and interact with professionals interested in evaluating new opportunities.

Our purpose is to make people feel fulfilled and drive your company’s success.

We work with metrics and clarity from beginning to end of the process. It is what sustains HR in decision-making with rationality, without bias and guesswork.

We are tireless in the search for the ideal talent for each vacancy.

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Ideal model for occasional vacancies as it offers a selective process with precision and speed of delivery.

We have a team of tech recruiters to ensure you hire the best talent and leverage your company’s results.

<Personalized service/>

Hub42 has an exclusive currency called Hubcoin, which is equivalent to 1 cycle of 21 days of longlist formed by 4 qualified professionals interested in your company’s opportunities.

It is possible to hire more than 1 professional per Hubcoin at no additional cost.

Proactive market mapping model to create a talent bank with the professionals most adherent to your company.

We offer a team of recruiters 100% dedicated to your project and the best tools to capture candidates.



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